Tahiti Belle Epoque 9

Various Artists

Copyright Year(s): 2001
Format: CD
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Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. Tau Here
  2. Paina Te Matai
  3. Rupe Rupe
  4. Petite Amie De La Presou`ile
  5. Tau Roti
  6. Tautira Mutu E
  7. Atira Mama E
  8. Tavake Te Manu
  9. O Miri
  10. Tupaipai
  11. I Te Hoe Taime Haumaru
  12. Tiare Hinano
  13. Vainui
  14. Karapara
  15. Pererau O Te Manu
  16. Fare Niau
  17. Tarevareva
  18. Radio Cocotier
  19. Pua Mai Te Tiare
  20. Timeri

Album Notes

This album reflects the music heard in Papeete in the 1950's -- dances and chants of Tahiti and the outer islands of French Polynesia.

The instruments used were guitars, ukuleles, steel guitar, accordion, mouth organ, bass and a variety of native drums like the toere -- a hollow wood block hand carved from the Tamanu tree -- and the pahu, a big bass drum shaped like a conga drum.

In a country where everyone is a musician there is no shortage of talent, and the vocalists and instrumentalists in this album are both authentic and enjoyable.

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