Rhythm of the Islands - Music of Hawai`i 1913-1952

Various Artists

Copyright Year(s): 1996
Format: CD
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Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. Queen of the South Sea Islands
  2. King Benny Nawahi
  3. Honolulu March
  4. Silver String Quartet
  5. Na Kauahiwi O Mokuokeawe
  6. Coral Islanders
  7. Honolulu Stomp
  8. H. M. Barnes
  9. Hu-I-E
  10. Coral Islanders
  11. El Hijo De Madre
  12. Jose Encinas
  13. Tomi Tomi
  14. Hawaiian Quintet
  15. Hilo March
  16. Charlie Wilson
  17. An Orange Grove in California
  18. Sol Ho`opi`i
  19. Flowers of the Islands
  20. King Benny Nawahi
  21. Dreams of Aloha
  22. Noi Lane
  23. Hooheno Keia No Beauty
  24. Andy Iona
  25. `Akaka Falls
  26. Sol K. Bright
  27. Malihini Mel
  28. Sol K. Bright
  29. Honolulu Tomboy
  30. Moana Serenaders
  31. Terang Boelan
  32. Miss Ninja
  33. Rhythm of the Islands
  34. Tau Moe
  35. Maikai Wale No Kauai
  36. Lani McIntire
  37. Little Brown Gal
  38. Tau Moe
  39. Pua Aloha
  40. Ray Kinney & Dick McIntire
  41. O Makalapua
  42. Harry Owens
  43. Kaneohe Hula
  44. Ray Kinney & Dick McIntire
  45. O Ko`u Aloha
  46. Lena Machado & Dick McIntire
  47. Hula Blues
  48. Lani McIntire
  49. Hame Pila
  50. Lani McIntire

Album Notes

Hawaiian music captivated the world during the early decades of the 20th century. This compilation features some of the great performers who made it all happen, through their recordings, broadcasts, and personal appearances worldwide. Liner notes contain information about each artist and song, but no lyrics.

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