On A Coconut Island

Various Artists

Copyright Year(s): 1994
Format: CD
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Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. Honolulu March
  2. Palakiko & Pa`aluhi
  3. On A Coconut Island
  4. Louis Armstrong with The Polynesians
  5. Wela-Ka-Hao
  6. Segis Luvaun
  7. My Girl From The South Sea Isles
  8. Hawaiian Guitars
  9. He Aloha No O Honolulu
  10. Samoan Troupe
  11. Pua Carnation
  12. Kanui and Lula
  13. Hawaiian Love
  14. Felix Mendolssohn's Hawaiian Serenaders
  15. Tau Tiare Iti
  16. Les Tamari`i Tahiti
  17. Les Femmes d'Amerique
  18. George Tautu Archer & the Pagans
  19. He Ono
  20. Sol K. Bright's Hollywaiians
  21. Black Boy Blues
  22. Four Hawaiian Guitars
  23. Maui Waltz
  24. Felix Mendolssohn's Hawaiian Serenaders
  25. Pa`ahana
  26. Dick McIntire's Harmony Hawaiians
  27. Papio
  28. George Tautu Archer & the Pagans
  29. Papio
  30. Auie Goupil's Royal Tahitians
  31. Malihini Mele
  32. Tau Moe Trio
  33. Va Li`i
  34. Tau Moe
  35. My Golden Baby
  36. Tau Moe
  37. Tahiti O Tera
  38. Augie Goupil
  39. Mokihana
  40. Augie Goupil
  41. Maui Girl
  42. Andy Iona
  43. Minnehaha
  44. Andy Iona
  45. Palolo
  46. Ray Kinney
  47. Ke Ka Upu
  48. Ray Kinney

Album Notes

Moonlight shines down on Waikiki Beach, the surf rolls lazily to shore, while overhead can be heard the rustle of palm fronds caught in the evening trade breeze.... From the hotels and clubs back of the beach and along Kalakaua Avenue come the exciting sounds of Hawaiian entertainment -- romantic singers, steel guitars, lovely hula shows...

This album recalls for the most part a golden and elegant era -- the 1920's and 30's -- when so many unforgettable Hawaiian recordings were being produced. Small, traditional groups are heard alongside sophisticated "big city" orchestras. However, the magic of the South Seas breathes through all of them. Liner notes give extensive historical information about the musicians, but contain no lyrics.

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