Legendary Aparimas

Various Artists

Copyright Year(s): 1975, 1965
Format: CD
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Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. E Tau Here
  2. E Po Manea Teie
  3. To Reo Aroha
  4. Hei Prohiti
  5. E Hoa Tera Era Tamaiti
  6. Meke Aueue
  7. Kaofa Nui
  8. Tangata
  9. Na`u Haka
  10. Rarahu Ia Loti
  11. Vahine Nui
  12. Fare Auri
  13. Afea E Nafea
  14. Tauranga
  15. Ua Tihe Te Ono Io Matou
  16. E To
  17. Papeete
  18. Tere Tere
  19. Ha Chi Chi
  20. Haere Ana Vau I Huahine
  21. Tau Tamaiti
  22. Honeymoon Aue
  23. Tama Toni

Album Notes

Aparima literally translates to "a kiss of the hands" and is the Polynesian way of telling a story with gestures, like a historical event or a personal experience. It exists in one form or another wherever the original Polynesians migrated. The langorous hula of Hawai`i is an aparima, and so is the energetic Maori poi dance of New Zealand. In French Polynesia and the Cook Islands, the aparima is a group dance interpreting all forms of everyday activity, from the preparation of poe for a native feast, to the poignant embrace of a departing loved one. Some others are songs depicting the placing of a flower behind the ear, paddling a canoe, braiding the hair, the light of a bird, or the beauty of a young girl's hands...

This album is a compilation of previous recordings made throughout the South Pacific.

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