Hula for Children - DVD

Various Artists

Copyright Year(s): 1997
Format: DVD
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Track List & Samples

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  1. Kahala Hula
  2. Pearly Shells
  3. Level 2 - This is one of the first island songs that young children in Hawai`i learn. It is a song known around the world, and YOUR child can learn to dance to it!
  4. Hukilau

Album Notes

With a background of beautiful Hawaiian scenery, `ukulele music, and an experienced hula instructor, children can easily learn to do the hula.

To simplify the dance, mirror-imaging is used. The instructor moves in a mirror fashion, saying "right" even though she is moving left. This enables each student to learn easily, without double thinking.

This instructional dance video teaches in easy step-by-step lessons, with a skilled hula instructor who smiles and encourages directly into the camera to each student.

Each step is taught with music, which conditions the student to feel rhythm. All lessons have been child-tested (with children who have never danced a step, to those who have had six months of training). All children did very well with these lessons, which progress from simple movements to those of increased difficulty and speed.

Play time 25 minutes

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