Church Music of Tonga: The Holy Temple - Church Music of Tonga

Various Artists

Copyright Year(s): 1996
Format: CD
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Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. Lali (drum) beating
  2. Ko Koe Sisu and lali beating
  3. Himi
  4. Ko E Lotu `A E `Eiki (The Lord's Prayer)
  5. Himi 410: Pea Tau Fakafeta`i
  6. Ke Tau Hiva Mo Fakafeta`i
  7. Sisu Ko E Tu`i
  8. Hongofulu `O E Tautea
  9. Sio Ki He Fuka
  10. Laumalie
  11. Tokanga
  12. Ha`u Ta O
  13. Ko E Pilinisi
  14. Hiki Ha`a Tau Mavava
  15. Mavava
  16. Sisu Ko E Mama
  17. Ko E Temipale Tapu
  18. Himi: Ko E Hau Toka
  19. Ko E Lotu `A E `Eiki #2
  20. Himi 486: Ko Sione
  21. Ko E Lotu Tauma`u
  22. Feilaulau
  23. Saliote
  24. Himi 539
  25. Himi 391: `Oku Ai Ha Ki`i Fonua
  26. `Eiki Mafimafi

Album Notes

Before the arrival of the European missionaries, the Tongans knew a pantheon of several gods and they believed in a supernatural world, a hereafter for people of high rank, called Pulotu. Nowadays most Tongans are Christians although the belief in the old gods has not disappeared completely. None of the religious music from pre-Christian times has survived, but the religious music that developed after the arrival of the missionaries is far more than just a "Western import with a Tongan flavor". Liner notes are extensive, but contain few lyrics.

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