Big Island's Own

Various Artists

Copyright Year(s): 2001
Format: CD
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Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. Irie in Your Soul
  2. Ho`oko St. Band
  3. I Like To Surf
  4. Kainalu T. and The Big `Aina Boys
  5. Do You Remember
  6. PonchoMan Kuanoni
  7. Always In My Dreams
  8. Ginger Bertelmann and Melissa Lim
  9. `O Kalopa I Ka La`i
  10. Ku`ulei Amo Na Hoalani Dambley
  11. My `Ukulele Baby
  12. Marjio Perez
  13. Makali`i
  14. Lehia
  15. Kahalu`u by the Sea
  16. Traditions Hawai`i
  17. Puhi Bay Memory
  18. Bruddah Ku`ulei Ahuna
  19. Wandering on the Wind
  20. Allen Hong
  21. Eddie Would Go
  22. Jim Major
  23. Angelina
  24. John Hansen
  25. One For Me
  26. Vertical Mist
  27. On Me
  28. Rick Flores
  29. This Night
  30. Paul B. Allen III & Mary-Anne Sterling
  31. Mardi Gras
  32. Two Guys From Puna

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