All the Best from Hawai`i

Various Artists

Copyright Year(s): 1995
Format: CD
Price: $0.00

Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. Blue Hawai`i
  2. Hawaiian Wedding Song
  3. Lovely Hula Hands
  4. Pearly Shells
  5. Aloha Oe
  6. Kaimana Hila
  7. Hawaiian Tattoo
  8. Polynesian Love Song
  9. Isa Lei
  10. Tola Mai
  11. Papia - Tahiti Nui
  12. Farewell for Just Awhile
  13. Pania of the Reef
  14. Pokarekare Ana
  15. Under the Sun
  16. When My Wahine Does the Poi
  17. Cheryl Moana Marie
  18. Haere Mai
  19. Now is the Hour
  20. Tofa Felengi
  21. Wini Wini
  22. Hula Lady
  23. Bora Bora
  24. Paradise Island
  25. Moana Rag
  26. Kontiki
  27. Farewell Hawaii
  28. Harbour Lights
  29. Aloha Land
  30. Song of Old Hawaii
  31. Hawaiian War Chant
  32. My Little Hula Girl
  33. Song of the Islands
  34. On the Beach at Waikiki
  35. Vaya Con Dios
  36. Moonlight in Honolulu
  37. Tamaara Dream
  38. Hawaiian Lullaby
  39. Hawaiian Islands
  40. Nahoe

Album Notes

Using studio musicians in Canada, this 2-CD set may not present the most authentic island sounds, but for the price, it's a bargain!

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