The Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar of Ledward Kaapana - DVD

Ledward Kaapana

Copyright Year(s): 2005
Format: DVD
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Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. Slack Key Lullabye
  2. Ku`u Ipo Onaona
  3. E Lili`u E
  4. Slack Key Medley

Album Notes

Ledward Kaapana -- master of the Hawaiian slack key guitar -- is widely acknowledged to be one of the most exciting and accomplished players of ki ho`alu.

On this DVD, Ledward gives instruction which will satisfy players who are novices, as well as those who consider themselves advanced players in the slack key style.

Ledward's two-finger and alternating bass thumb picking is reminiscent of the great blues and country guitarists, playing licks and turnarounds typical of Hawaiian tradition. He teaches instrumentals in "taro patch" (open G) and "wahine" (DGDF#BD) tunings, encompassing both quiet, beautiful melodies and rip-roaring show-stoppers with lightning-fast licks and fancy picking.

Slack key style is made up of simple chords and melodies, but an accomplished player then builds up improvised variations using interchangeable licks and turnarounds. Ledward provides all the elements for making arrangements in this style, showing how he achieves the special sounds (damping, bass runs, hammers, pull-offs, trills and other ornaments) that make each tune come alive.

With musician Bob Brozman asking him pertinent questions, Ledward breaks down, in detail, some amazing instrumentals. The video's liner notes include sheet music for these songs:

  • Slack Key Lullabye
  • Ku`u Ipo Onaona
  • E Lili`u E
  • Slack Key Medley

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