The Great Singers 1928-1934

Various Artists

Copyright Year(s): 1989
Format: CD
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Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. Mai Kai No Kaua`i
  2. Mme. Riviere's Hawaiians
  3. Hui E
  4. Coral Islanders
  5. Hano Hano Hawai`i
  6. Waikiki Stonewall Boys
  7. Tomi Tomi
  8. Sol K. Bright Hollywaiians
  9. Pa`ahana
  10. Mme. Riviere's Hawaiians
  11. Lei E
  12. Kalama's Quartet
  13. Lehua
  14. Sol Ho`opi`i Trio
  15. Ku`u Lei
  16. George Ku Trio
  17. Na Lei
  18. Coral Islanders
  19. La Lupe Ua Sola
  20. Mme. Riviere's Hawaiians
  21. Parari`i Pararara`i
  22. Tamari Tahiti
  23. Pehe Hoi Au
  24. Kalama's Quartet
  25. Ama Ama
  26. Sam Alama
  27. E Mama Ea
  28. Mme. Riviere's Hawaiians
  29. Sassy
  30. Kalama's Quartet BR

Album Notes

A superb collection of vintage Hawaiian music featuring singers performing in the falsetto style typical of the time.

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