Honu By The Sea

Various Artists

Copyright Year(s): 0000
Format: CD
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Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. Overture
  2. Waikiki Beach Boy
  3. Pearly Shell
  4. Imagine
  5. Manini
  6. Honu By The Sea
  7. Common Sense
  8. Best Friend
  9. `A`ama Crab
  10. Already Home
  11. Hula Opener
  12. Hula Hoop
  13. Remember
  14. Soarin'

Album Notes

Maui's own Johnson Enos offers a mesmerizing musical journey with Kainoa, a Waikiki Beach Boy, as he meets Malia the Honu and her amazing ocean friends.

Kainoa is a typical, teen-aged local-boy, who loves to surf. His friends call him, “WAIKIKI BEACH BOY”. Things like household chores and cleaning up the environment hold no interest for him. As a child he received a PEARLY SHELL necklace from his grandparents that glows every time he experiences a good deed.

One day after surfing, he discovers a starfish that has washed up on the beach. Before returning the starfish to the sea, he makes a wish - to be totally free to live in the ocean for just one day – then falls asleep on the beach. The starfish, thankful for being returned to the sea, grants Kainoa his wish (IMAGINE).

When Kainoa awakes, he is in the midst of various creatures that inhabit the Hawaiian reef, including the MANINI and the beautiful Honu or sea turtle, Malia, who sings her anthem of freedom, HONU BY THE SEA. Malia serves as Kainoa’s guide and her first introduction is to the shellfish ‘Opihi, who are doing their normal duty of cleaning the reef while wishing that people who played in and around the ocean had a little more COMMON SENSE when it came to disposing their garbage.

Kainoa then meets Hoopy, the monk seal who has news that Malia’s mother, Lehua, was caught in a current and ensnared in a net. The word is that she is trapped in a cave in the northern Hawaiian islands. They all make the decision to rescue Lehua with the help of some of the other reef dwellers, one of whom is Hula Hoop, everyone’s BEST FRIEND, and the coolest octopus in the sand. They also enlist the help of ‘A’AMA CRAB, knowing that his one big claw will come in handy. Kainoa starts to miss his friends and family, but is able to find strength in the thought that he is ALREADY HOME.

They all must first swing by the Coral Reef Theater (HULA OPENER), to recruit HULA HOOP, who performs there regularly. The group travels north and rescues Lehua who encourages the friends to REMEMBER when the oceans were free of debris. Before the day ends and Kainoa is forced to return to land, his new friends invite him to go SOARIN’ in their annual race around the reef.

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