Hawaii's Favorite Christmas Songs - Vol 2

Various Artists

Copyright Year(s): 1999
Format: CD
Price: $0.00

Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. Hawaiian Christmas Mele
  2. Azure McCall
  3. Santa, We've Been Good
  4. Hawai`i Youth Opera Chorus
  5. I'm Coming Home for Christmas
  6. Robi Kahakalau & Jeff Rasmussen
  7. Christmas in the Isles
  8. Teresa Bright & the Honolulu Boy Choir
  9. Numbah One Day of Christmas
  10. Ed Kenney & the Honolulu Boy Choir
  11. E Aloha E
  12. Brickwood Galuteria
  13. My Hawaiian Christmas
  14. The Honolulu Boy Choir
  15. Christmas Day Promise
  16. Danny Couch
  17. Santa's Last Stop
  18. Jimmy Borges
  19. Christmas Cheer
  20. Cecilio & Kapono
  21. No Mo' Christmas Blues
  22. Frank DeLima & The Honolulu Boy Choir
  23. Christmas in Hawai`i Nei
  24. Jive Sisters
  25. White Christmas
  26. Haunani Kahalewai & The Hawai`i Calls Orchestra

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