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Copyright Year(s): 1999
Format: CD
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Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. Salomela
  2. Hey Nice Bola
  3. Ni Sa Bula
  4. Chulu Chululu
  5. Isa Lei Nau
  6. Mumu Mai
  7. Buna Isa Lei Buna
  8. Rogo Mai
  9. Cila Vula
  10. Dia Bereto
  11. Bula Malaya
  12. Oi Lei Susi
  13. Ni Dau Lutu Na Yakavi
  14. Kisi Mai
  15. Tei Dalo
  16. Bula Rock
  17. O Na Merisa
  18. La Vila Na Vula
  19. Ono Na Maile
  20. Isa Lei

Album Notes

Grab your passport! This is your ticket to a Fijian adventure that spans musical boundaries and national borders. This destination has been selected for its diversity, richness and texture. Prepare yourself for the auditory journey of a lifetime.

It's your world....explore it!

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