Everybody Loves Bob Marley

Various Artists

Copyright Year(s): 2006
Format: CD
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Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. Bob
  2. Macka B
  3. Jamming
  4. B.E.T.
  5. One Drop
  6. Bitty McLean
  7. Waiting in Vain
  8. Norm
  9. Could You Be Loved
  10. Koa`uka
  11. Do It Twice
  12. Robi Kahakalau
  13. Keep On Moving
  14. Damon Williams
  15. No Woman No Cry
  16. Bruddah Waltah
  17. Three Little Birds
  18. The Kaimana Band
  19. Night Stuff
  20. Kapena
  21. Misty Morning
  22. Kawao
  23. Roots Rock Reggae
  24. Marty Dread
  25. One Love Medley
  26. Carole & Florent Atem
  27. So Much Trouble in the World
  28. Baba B.
  29. Bod Cord
  30. Tru Rebels
  31. Coming in From the Cold
  32. Sean Na`auao
  33. Positive Vibration
  34. Sashamon

Album Notes

With 17 tracks, EVERYBODY LOVES BOB MARLEY includes previously recorded hits by Sean Na`auao, Robi Kahakalau, Baba B., Bruddah Waltah, and Macka B.

There are also 12 newly-recorded Bob Marley songs by Bitty McLean, Koauka, B.E.T., Norm, Kapena, Marty Dread, Sashamon, Damon Williams and Kawao.

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