Waimea Cowboy

Sonny Chillingworth

Copyright Year(s): 1995, 1964
Format: CD
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Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. Makee `Ailana
  2. Slack Key #1
  3. No Keaha
  4. Whee Ha!
  5. Moana Chimes
  6. Waimea Cowboy
  7. Malasadas
  8. Hula Blues
  9. Kaula Ili
  10. Maui Chimes
  11. Hawaiian Lullaby

Album Notes

Edwin Bradfield "Sonny" Chillingworth, Jr. was one of the greatest and most influential slack key guitarists in Hawaiian music.

Sonny Chillingworth's eclectic approach spans a wide spectrum of cultural traditions outside of Hawaiian music, incorporating elements of Portuguese fado, Puerto Rican katchi katchi, Mainland country & western and folk, Mexican, ragtime, blues and a bit of jazz. No matter the style, Sonny kept his playing firmly established in his love for the people and heritage of Hawai`i. His marvelously warm and rich voice was ideally suited for the romantic songs and paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) favorites he loved to sing.

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