Live at Carnegie Hall - Part 1

Royal Hawaiian Band

Copyright Year(s): 1988
Format: CD
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Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. O Kalalau
  2. Kamehameha March Medley
  3. Koni Au I Ka Wai Hu`ihu`i
  4. Kamehameha Waltz
  5. Cathy Foy
  6. Ke Kali Nei Au
  7. Nalani Olds & Kappy Kapelielo
  8. Snows of Mauna Kea
  9. James Kaina
  10. Kui Lee Medley
  11. James Kaina & Nina Keali`iwahamana
  12. Ko Ma`i Ho`eu`eu
  13. Ho`i Kealoha I Ka Palolo
  14. Hilo March
  15. Art Parelius, steel guitar
  16. Kupa Landing
  17. Kappy Kaleliela
  18. Pa`u Rider
  19. Moku Kia Kahi
  20. Hula O Make`e
  21. Medley
    • Na Pua O Hawai`i
    • Nina Keali`iwahamana & Nalani Olds
    • Na Lei O Hawai`i
    • Nina Keali`iwahamana & Nalani Olds
  22. Lei Medley
  23. Closing Medley

Album Notes

Founded in 1836 by order of King Kamehameha III, the Royal Hawaiian Band is one of the last living links to Hawaii's monarchy. Steeped in tradition, the band has survived a variety of political changes throughout the years. It has remained a vital part of Hawaii's daily life as the islands evolved from a monarchy to a territory and finally to the 50th state. Today, the Royal Hawaiian Band is an agency of the City and County of Honolulu and is the only full-time municipal band in the United States.

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