Songs for Children: Na Mele Hawai`i No Na Keiki

Nina, Lani & Lahela

Copyright Year(s): 2005, 1965
Format: CD
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Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. Kama`a Hou (New Shoes)
  2. No Tutu (For Grandma)
  3. Moa (Chicken)
  4. Ku`u Papale U`i (My Pretty Hat)
  5. Lele Kowali (Swing on a Swing)
  6. Na Hoe Wa`a (The Canoe Paddlers)
  7. Pi-a-pa (Alphabet)
  8. Ku`u Pupu Kau Pohaku (My Shell on the Rock)
  9. Ukulele Kani (Sounding Ukulele)
  10. Ku`u Manu (My Bird)
  11. Ku`u Lupe (My Kite)
  12. He Mapala U`i Ka`u (I Have Pretty Marbles)
  13. Ku`u Wa`a (My Canoe)
  14. Kilauea (Volcano)

Album Notes

Performed by Nina, Lani & Lahela, and backed by The Maile Serenaders, these songs in the Hawaiian language for children to sing and dance were practically non-existent before Aunty Alice Namakelua and Aunty Mary Kawena Pukui (pictured on the cover) got busy.

Children would be taught adult songs, more or less suitable...or English-language songs, hardly Hawaiian. Pre-discovery, only adults were trained in serious matters of chant and hula.

All that changed in 1965 when this album of 14 songs -- all child-tested and approved -- was released. The composers recall their own childhood days and invite you to join in sharing that time of wonder...whether you are a child yourself, or remember being one. Lyrics and translations included.

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