The La`i Patch

Nathan Kalama

Copyright Year(s): 1997
Format: CD
Price: $0.00

Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. E Ku`u Lei Lau La`i
  2. Na Wahine U`i `O Kaua`i
  3. Kekaha Nani E
  4. Hale O Malie `Ohana
  5. Japan Airlines Hula
  6. Kalapaki
  7. Pilipa`a O Kaua
  8. Kenui Aloha Style
  9. Maui Blue Rose
  10. Nawiliwili Moonglow
  11. Northshore Rainbow
  12. E Tita
  13. Ka Hale Nahoapilialoha E
  14. My Daddy Is A Bible Totin' Holy Ghost Preacher Man
  15. You Party Hula Boy

Album Notes

Kaua`i kumu hula and co-founder of the island's annual Kaua`i Mokihana Festival, "Uncle Nathan" Kalama is also a composer and musician. This CD includes many of his own compositions, including the fun-loving mele, "Ka Hale Naoapilialoha E" ("There is a house in the uplands of Wailua...".

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