Natalie Ai Kamauu

Copyright Year(s): 2011
Format: CD
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Album Notes

Natalie Ai Kamauu's third CD is filled with her signature soaring vocals and heartfelt delivery of classic Hawaiian mele, along with two new beautiful compositions. A bonus track of "Sanoe" accompanied by a full orchestra will WOW you.

From the artist:

`Ā — to sparkle like a gem……

We are each born with special gifts. May I compare them to rocks? When first discovered, they are rough, dirty and dull. We try wiping them on our sleeve hoping to expose a precious stone but it discloses no immediate beauty. Often times, we just add it to a collection of long forgotten treasures we’ve found on other adventures. But, if we take the time to clean and buff it smooth, it begins to reveal its inner grandeur. Every stone has inclusions, tiny imperfections within, but a steady, patient hand can carve around these creating magnificence. Every cut creates a facet, a table for light to dance upon. And when the artist’s job is complete, it is a dazzling sight. The once seemingly worthless rock is now a spectacular gem.

”`Ā” means to sparkle, like a gem. Iʻm not gonna lie…I love the bling. It makes me sing! Thatʻs not why I named this project “`Ā”. For my first recording endeavor, I wanted a name that would catch a few eyes and turn a few heads, hoping to lure a few ears. “`Ē” encompassed all of my feelings and emotions and so it was destiny. It truly was strange, weird and wonderful to say the least.

Of course people asked if Iʻd go through the entire vowels and originally I said no. Then began the process of gathering songs and ideas for project number two and I found myself floundering, trying to find myself amidst the expectations of my own expectations. And so “`Ī” was born. The title exhibits power and glory and yet what i was trying to say was that this was my best just for right now. And it was.

I knew once I went there with the second vowel, it was gonna be tough to not do a third. (I promise though, this is the last in the one letter title series.) Manu Boyd actually suggested `ā and I immediately fell for it. To sparkle…who wouldnʻt love it? I have to admit, that like a diamond this project was in the rough. The original rock looked nothing special. But with the help of so many incredibly talented people each adding their own faceting, itʻs ready to hit the lights. There will be many other bobbles in the jewelry case. I hope this one will catch your eyes, turn your head and once more…lure your ears."

Na Hoku Hanohano Awards :: 2012

Female Vocalist of the Year

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