White Ships

Kawika Alfiche

Copyright Year(s): 2015
Format: CD
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Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. White Ships
  2. Malolo
  3. Now is the Hour
  4. I'll Weave a Lei
  5. Kua Hiti Te Marama
  6. Medley
  7. Waikiki Hula
  8. Aloha Ka Manini
  9. Ku`u Hoa
  10. Ei Nei
  11. Ulupalakua
  12. Medley
  13. Aloha `Oe

Album Notes

White Ships features 13 recordings in the style of early 1900s Hawaiian music presented as a tribute to the 'hapa haole' music of Boat Days.

Highlights include shipboard classics like "Aloha Oe" and "Now is the Hour"... Kawika's original new "White Ships" single... and a haunting version of the rarely recorded song "Malolo", written in the 1920s to welcome Matson's new flying fish to Hawai`i.

If you yearn for the nostalgia of the white ships, Kawika's music will make you feel like you're on the deck of the LURLINE again.

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