Comin' Atchya


Copyright Year(s): 2007
Format: CD
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Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. Introduction
  2. Rock the Show
  3. Imagine
  4. Saving Grace
  5. Perfect Day
  6. The Bend (skit)
  7. Lady Love
  8. Ooh Girl
  9. Runarounds
  10. Secret Lover
  11. Last Night
  12. U Can Sing Now? (skit)
  13. You Know (I Love You)
  14. Never Leave Your Side
  15. Imagine (acoustic)
  16. Sing Me A Song (skit)
  17. Backyard Mix

Album Notes

Ho`okoa is a group known well on the big island of Hawai`i -- known for playing a widely diverse selection of musical styles. From reggae to country to oldies to Hawaiian to island contemporary, these guys his the island music scene in 2003...and finally present their debut CD.

Ho`okoa members are Na`ea Kaopua, John Tuli, Preston Paulos, Hoku Aki, Rick Star, Jeremy Tekurio, Paul Battad, and Trace Ni`imi

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