Hawaiian Islands Lullaby Collection

Friends Of Aloha

Copyright Year(s): 2005
Format: CD
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Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. Pupu Hinu Hinu
  2. Hawaiian
  3. Golden Slumbers
  4. English
  5. Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ra
  6. Irish
  7. The Riddle Song
  8. American
  9. Spi Mladenets
  10. Russian
  11. Norwegian Cradle Song
  12. Brahms Lullaby
  13. German
  14. Shi Shang Zhi You Mama Hou
  15. Chinese
  16. Itsuki no Komori Uta
  17. Japanese
  18. Cantiga de Embalar
  19. Portuguese
  20. Que Lindo Manito
  21. Puerto Rican
  22. Chinnukujyushime
  23. Okinawan
  24. Mbana Wangi
  25. African
  26. Ja Jang Uri Agi
  27. Korean
  28. Dungdunguen Kanto
  29. Filipino
  30. A La Rurru Nino
  31. Spanish
  32. Moe Moe Pepe
  33. Samoan
  34. Hine E Hine
  35. Maori
  36. Ru Con Nam Bo
  37. Vietnamese
  38. Ball Lullaby
  39. Indonesian

Album Notes

Wave after wave of immigrants have come to Hawai`i, and made it their new home. HAWAIIAN ISLAND LULLABY COLLECTION presents 20 beautiful instrumental lullabies, from 20 of these different cultures.

Liner notes include information about each song, and some lyrics.

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