Precious Hawai`i

Diana Aki

Copyright Year(s): 1993
Format: CD
Price: $0.00

Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. Aloha Kalapana
  2. He Makana Mai Ke Ali`i
  3. He Mele No Ku`u Mama
  4. He Wahi Maoli `I Kapalilua
  5. It's In Our Hands
  6. Honolulu
  7. Hinano
  8. Protea
  9. Mist Of Koke`e
  10. You Might Have Been Someone To Me

Album Notes

Musician, singer, composer -- Diana Aki covers a full range of talent when it comes to Hawaiian music. On this, her second solo release, she takes us on an island tour...musically!

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