Daniel Ho

Copyright Year(s): 2009
Format: CD
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Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. Pala'ela‘e (Bright as Sun)
  2. Ho‘okahi (In Solitude)
  3. Ahe Lau Makani
  4. Hana Malie (Quietly)
  5. Polani (Pure)
  6. Kulewa (Moving Like Clouds)
  7. Ho‘opa‘ani (Playful)
  8. Pule Nahenahe (Soft Prayer)
  9. Ho‘omaika‘i (Grateful)
  10. Holona (Sailing)
  11. Ho‘olana (Hopeful)
  12. Ho‘oipoipo (Romantic)

Album Notes

from the artist:

Maybe it's the ever-accumulating, grown-up responsibilities that keep me squeezing minutes out of hours. Maybe it's a creative passion that doesn't know day from night. Either way, years fly by in what feels like days.

I've come to realize that creativity has an inverse relationship to responsibility and I should pare life down to the absolute basics--minimizing clutter-some responsibilities to allow time and space for artistic endeavors.

This has become an endless work in progress. Polani is a manifestation of this mindset. It was recorded on the simplest of instruments, one that defined my formative years in Hawai‘i.

In the end, this solo ‘ukulele project wasn't all that simple. The music-making process is fairly involved, but the ultimate goal remains singular--to form an emotional connection with the audience.

As it did for me, I hope these recordings offer a pleasant break from routine and reality. It took me back to those childhood days when I used to drive my family crazy playing the only song I knew, A Song for Anna, over and over again. There was no escaping me as I incessantly plucked about our little house in Kaimuki.

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