Da Braddahs

Copyright Year(s): 1997
Format: CD
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Track List & Samples

(Tracks with sample are bold.)
  1. Michael Makapiapia's 1st Baby Lu`au
  2. Keoki's vala`auness
  3. Keoki's Mangos
  4. Keoki's vala`auness Hana Hou
  5. Talani and Keioki's Mango Friends
  6. Calm Down, Come Down
  7. T & K's Beef
  8. Bag of Poi Eryting+Talani Boy
  9. Joe and Tata Cayatmo
  10. We Are Filipino
  11. Da Manapua Truck
  12. Chubby's Order
  13. Fat Boys
  14. Joe and Uncle Bijo's Talk
  15. Da Uncle Bijo Song
  16. Monday at School
  17. Russell's Ukus
  18. Monday at School 3 minutes later
  19. Da Finale
  20. Eh Tanks Eh!
  21. Braddah IZ Tribute

Album Notes

Da Braddahs are Hawaii's premiere comedy duo, seen regularly throughout Hawai`i on their local television show, "Da Braddahs and Friends". Taking their comedy straight from the way they grew up in these islands, Da Braddahs joke about everything from local food to the local Hawaiian ways. A great CD if you are looking to have a good time!

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